RAM_OCS (V, DSP_PowerPack and Pi)


Software current version (issued on 25/11/21):
• RAM OCS v3.0.58 (Fw: Pi v1.0.22, V/W v2.9.0, PowerPack v1.4.5)

Software previous versions:
• RAM OCS v3.0.57 (Fw: Pi v1.0.9, V/W v2.9.0, PowerPack v1.4.5)
• RAM OCS v3.0.55 (Fw: Pi v1.0.6, V/W v2.9.0, PowerPack v1.4.5)
• RAM OCS v3.0.54 (Fw: Pi v1.0.4, V/W v2.9.0, PowerPack v1.4.5)
 RAM OCS v3.0.53 (Fw: V/W v2.9.0, PowerPack v1.4.3)

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Last News

• Sep 2019 - Indian RAM Audio distributor mounts the biggest cinema a screen in the country, amplified with MDi amps.

• Aug 2019 - MDi amps Indian distributor exhibits at Big Cine Expo in Mumbai.
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