RAM_OCS Control Software

RAM_OCS: DSP Control Software

Software current version (issued on 25/06/24):

RAM OCS v4.2.10.0 (Fw: Pi/DENEB/DALIM v3.1.18, PowerPack v2.0.3, V/W v2.9.0)
Change Log & Firmware Compatibility


Software previous versions:

RAM OCS v4.0.10 (Fw: Pi v2.0.22, DENEB/DALIM v2.0.21, PowerPack v2.0.3, V/W v2.9.0)
RAM OCS v3.0.58 (Fw: Pi v1.0.22, PowerPack v1.4.5, V/W v2.9.0)



• RAM OCS Quick Guide
• RAM OCS Video Tutorials


Third Party Control/API:

• Third-Party Ethernet Control Manual v2.2
• Q-SYS Plugin (for Pi/DALIM/DENEB 4-ch; minimum Fw version 3.1.14)

Power Amplifiers

DUBHE Series


DSP_PowerPack Modules

Obsolete Products

DQL Series

• DQL Catalogue
• DQL Operation manual

CB Series

• CB Catalogue
• CB Operation manual

DQX Series

• DQX Catalogue
• DQX Operation manual

R Series

• R catalogue
• R operation manual

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