C.E. Studio-2 is a Spanish electronics manufacturing company located in Valencia, one of the most active industrial centres of Spain. It was founded in 1982. Studio-2 began as a manufacturer of professional audio electronics. Today, they specialise in the design and the production of Power Amplifiers under RAM Audio brand. From the beginning all their products were characterised by their innovation and reliability. Both qualities are still “sine qua non” basic requirements for their own brand name RAM Audio products. At the beginning of the nineties and due to the proliferation of new sound products companies, a great demand for Power Amplifiers opened a new market for Studio-2 as an OEM manufacturer. In 1997, Studio-2 took the important decision to manufacture a new Series of Amplifiers under its own RAM Audio brand name, for the export market exclusively.

A new facility was built to house the exclusive manufacturing plant. At Prolight+Sound-Frankfurt 1998, the legendary up to 2000 W, BU Series was presented, which later became the higher-powered BUXII Series, up to 8000 W.

In 2002, RAM Audio launched DQL Series with QuantaPulse switching power supply, which later became DQX Series which included Ethernet network control. These series were RAM Audio’s response to their customers’ demand for light-weight amplifiers with power specs up to 7000 W.

In 2006, RAM Audio designed a new age lightweight amplifiers, S Series, high power in really compact devices of 2 and 4 channels models up to 6000 W. They can include several optional modules as Ethernet network control, DSP, etc.

After several designs of multi-channel installation and medium power cost-effective series, as T and RX ones, in 2011, RAM Audio launched to the market V Series, a new reference amplifier. 2 and 4 channels PFC machines for heavy-duty applications up to 12000 W of sustained power in all channels. These amps are equipped with optional high performance DSP, Ethernet control, AES3 and Dante inputs.

Attending to high demand for really competitive powerful and modern amps, but without compromising reliability, in 2014, Zetta series was launched, up to 4000 W in compact 2 and 4 channels devices.

Two years later, first class D of RAM Audio was designed and implemented into a new series of power amps dedicated to the exigent fix-installations market, it was MDi series.

In 2018, and based on developed class D, RAM Audio launched a new line of products: amplification modules with high level FIR-DSP to self-power acoustic cabinets; they were DSP_PowerPack series, several modules with PFC-SMPS up to 6000 W to meet the needs of every manufacturer.

During next year, a new model of 10.000 W (Z4100) was included within Zetta series and also MDi amps were equipped with Dante and GPI for alarm systems.

In 2020 was launched XTR series, dedicated 2 and 4 channels amplifiers to powerful subwoofers up to 18.000 W, with PFC dual power supply.
During this tumultuous year, with the world immersed in a global pandemic, RAM Audio R+D department work hardly in the design of new products which will see the daylight in the incoming years.

During the first quarter of 2021 a new model within Zetta series was included in the range, it was Z460.
Shortly after, a new series of multipurpose amps was presented, it was Pi Series, based on the legendary QuantaPulse™ SMPS with an innovative class H 3-steps topology, devices designed to work with asymmetric loads to squeeze every last drop of power in each way of the sound system. They have an extra-large 4.3″ display with capacitive touch panel whereby it is possible to control and manage every parameter of the amp and the FIR-DSP, this last one also controlled by RAM_OCS own software.


RAM Audio Power Amps are exported to over 40 countries worldwide and both, RAM Audio and its distributors, exhibit them in many national and international trade shows.

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