• Optional internal DSP for V/W Series Amps
  • Two versions: 4 In / 4 Out  and  2 In / 2 Out
  • AES3, FIR filters, 500 m delay, 120dB AD/DA
  • Real-time USB & Ethernet control

The V/W Series Digital Signal Processor is real time fully programmable through Ethernet, USB or directly from the front panel.

There are two different versions: 4 Inputs/4 Outputs or 2 Inputs/2 Outputs totally free route configurable.

Both versions include post-processor signal XLR output connectors to link the processed signal to another amplifier without DSP.

Optional AES3 digital input is available.

• High performance 120dB 24 bit AD/DA converters

• 56 bit double-precision floating-point DSP process

• 0.6ms process latency time

 • Input Section:

• Gain, Mute and Phase inversion per input

• Input Delay: 0 to 118 meters (341ms) per input

• Input EQ: 31 EQs per input (Parametric, Shelving, LP, HP, BP, SB, AP)

 • Output Section:

• Crossover Filters: FIR (linear-phase and custom) and IIR (up to 48dB/oct, Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley/Bessel)

• Output Delay: 0 to 18 meters (52ms) per channel

• Output EQ: 15 filters per channel (Parametric, Shelving, LP, HP, BP, SB, AP)

• Gain, Mute and Phase inversion per channel

• RMS and Peak power variable knee limiter per channel

• Library Manager:

• 100 Output preset memories, to save any Output configuration independently for each channel

• 40 Input preset memories, to save any Input configuration independently for each channel

• 80 Global preset memories, to save a combination of Input, Route and Output presets for all channels

• Group management, to assign the same configuration simultaneously to different amplifiers

 • Amplifier Control/Monitor:

• Front panel potentiometer

• Gain, Bridge and ICL configuration

• ICL, Temp and Prot LEDs monitor

• Input, Output, Current and Temperature meter.

• Real time impedance monitor

• AD Converters: Advanced multibit Delta-Sigma architecture, 24 Bit, 120dB Dynamic Range, 0.00032%THD+N

• DA Converters: Advanced multibit Delta-Sigma architecture, 24 Bit, 120 dB Dynamic Range, 0.00045% THD+N

• AES3 Input: 140dB Dynamic Range, 0.0001% THD+N, Sample Rate Converter (16 to 24 bit, 44.1kHz to 192kHz)

• Maximum Input/Output: +20dBu

• DSPs internal process: 56-bit double-precision floating-point

• Latency analog input: 0.6ms (2.67ms with FIR process)

• Equalizer: Custom FIR and IIR: Parametric (Q Adaptative or Constant), Shelving (Low/High, 6dB/12dB, Q variable), Butterworth (Low/High Pass), Low/High Pass (Q Variable), Band Pass, Stop Band, All pass (Q Variable)

• Crossover: Linear Phase FIR (Low/High pass, Band Pass and Custom) , Hybrid FIR-IIR, Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley/Bessel IIR (6dB/oct to 48dB/oct)

• Delay: 4x 341.25ms (118m) Input and 4x 52.08ms (18m)

• Output Limiters: RMS and Peak Power (Ratio, Knee, Attack, Hold and Release times variable)

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