The RAM Audio ZETTA Series, is the result of an in depth study, in order to reach the best compromise between economy and performances, taking advantage of latest improvements in automated mixed surface mount and through hole electronic assembly.

ZETTA Series are a project based on an up-side-down mono-block approach offering an all-in-one power module that contains the entire amplifier assembly. Simplicity and effectiveness run hand by hand through the entire design to obtain an effectively skilled and workable product.

The last generation QuantaPulse™ switching power supply allows to reach a new level of refined sensing and control of the power flow.

The cost-effective ZETTA Series amplifiers are packed with solid and convincing arguments for the professionals researching quality, reliability and value!.

• Unmatched audio quality hi efficiency Class H design

• 2/4 Channels models from 1000W up to 10000W

• Ultra light weight 6kg, compact package 25cm deep

• Last generation QuantaPulse™ switch mode power supply

• Power Management System (PMS™) and Clip Limiter (ICL™)

• Up-side-down design to avoid fan dust accumulation

• Industry standard Neutrik® XLR and Speakon® connectors

• Comprehensive protection set (ICL, PMS, SSP, turn-on, Temp, DC….)

• Detented sealed potentiometers

• Dual or bridge mode operation

• Temperature controlled, back to front cooling fan

• PMS™: Power Management System controls the amount of power that the amp delivers under different circumstances.

• SSP™: SOA Sentry Protection effectively limiting the power that the amp could deliver into an incorrect load or to a direct short-circuit

• ICL2™: improved Intelligent Clip Limiting

• Input signal muting at turn on

• Thermal overload protection

Output Power Z210 Z215 Z220 Z236 Z420 Z430 Z440 Z4100
2 ohm 2x500W 2x750W 2x1000W 2x1800W 4x500W 4x750W 4x1000W 4x2500W
4 ohm 2x400W 2x700W 2x1000W 2x1750W 4x400W 4x700W 4x1000W 4x2500W
8 ohm 2x240W 2x450W 2x650W 2x950W 4x220W 4x450W 4x630W 4x140W
Bridge 4 ohm 1x1000W 1x1500W 1x2000W 1x3600W 2x1000W 2x1500W 2x2000W 2x5000W
Bridge 8 ohm 1x800W 1x1400W 1x2000W 1x3500W 2x800W 2x1400W 2x2000W 2x5000W
High Z
70Vrms / 100Vpeak 1x900W 2x700W 2x900W 4x700W
100Vrms / 140Vpeak 1x1400W 2x1400W

• Frequency Response (power bandwidth ±0.25dB): 20Hz-20kHz

• Phase Response (@1W 20Hz-20kHz): ±15deg

• Total Harmonic Distortion (20Hz-20kHz): <0.05%

• Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE): <0.05%

• Damping Factor (20Hz-500Hz @8ohm): >500

• Crosstalk (20Hz-1kHz): >75dB

• Voltage Gain:    Z210/Z215/Z220/Z236/Z420/Z430/Z440: 35 dB       Z4100: 26-40 dB

• Sensitivity:   Z210: 0.8V     Z215: 1.1V     Z220: 1.3V     Z236: 1.6V     Z420: 0.8V     Z430:  1.1V     Z440: 1.3V     Z4100: 5.3V-1.1V

• Signal to noise ratio:   Z210: 101dBA     Z215: 103dBA     Z220: 104dBA     Z236: 105dBA     Z420: 101dBA     Z430: 103dBA     Z440: 104dBA     Z4100: 107.5dBA

 Required AC Mains (230V AC Mains @4ohm1/8r.p.):    Z210: 3.5A     Z215: 4A     Z220: 5A     Z236: 10A     Z420: 7A     Z430: 8A     Z440: 10A     Z4100: 16A

• Dimensions (WxHxD):    Z210/Z215/Z220/Z236/Z420/Z430/Z440: 483×88.9×254 mm – 19×3.5×10 in     Z4100: 483×88.9×274 mm – 19×3.5×10.8 in

• Weight (Net):    Z210/Z215: 5kg – 11lb            Z220/Z236/Z420/ Z430/Z440: 6.5kg – 14.3lb              Z4100: 7kg – 15.4lb

• Protections: Soft-start, Turn-on Turn-off transients, Muting at turn-on, Over-heating, DC, RF, Short-circuit, Open or mismatched loads, Overloaded power supply,ICL™, PMS™, SSP™

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