Qube Cinema, distributor of MDi series for the Indian market, has come up with EPIQ, a premium large-screen format that rivals IMAX, but which features the incredible Atmos Immersive Audio system.
The first EPIQ screen, claimed to be the largest in South Asia, was launched on August 29, at the V Celluloid Theatre at Sullurpet, Andhra Pradesh. Its dimensions cause vertigo, imagine a screen 3 times bigger than a regular one, 31 x 17m! That is Qube EPIQ screen! It has become the 3rd largest cinema screen in the world.
The state-of-the-art technology that makes EPIQ amongst the best in the business include 4K RGB laser projection, Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio and a 1:1.9 aspect ratio that is optimised for both scope and flat movies.
And bringing sound to this monstrosity, Qube acoustics mounted at the venue has been amplified with 80 channels of MDi amps, obtaining a power of 86000 W to be completely immersed into the films projected at the V Celluloid Theatre!



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