As many of the users of RAM Audio amps were asking for high-power amps to drive their big powerful subwoofer which are proliferating lately in the international market, RAM has decided to develop a new line of amps with the aim of offering the proper and more reliable amps to these users of very big subwoofers, with no concessions.
This way, new XTR Series (from eXTReme) has been added to the current portfolio of the manufacturer.

These devices are based on the field proven Quanta PulseTM Technology with an oversized dual high capacity regulated power supply with PFC to deliver their full performances independently of mains status, and an also oversized high efficiency audio power stage, forced front to back cooling through a component-free path with removable front panel dust filters, improved rugged mechanical design with even weight distribution.
Their output performances (270V/70A) are more than needed to push powerful subs as far as their maximum limits accept. And a heavy duty design to drive without troubles any hard music disco program during many hours, in the most eXTReme conditions.

Within XTR series you will find two 2-channels models of 12000 and 18000 W (@ 4 Ohm) inside a chassis of 2 units of rack and with just 12 Kg.

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