Adam Hall Austrian customer Pro Performance was asked, by their customer Grelle Forelle, a quality reference electronic music club located in Vienna, for the bass systems for the venue; request was very clear, they wanted the best sound in town, with the handicap of the sound of famous Flex club very near to it.

A very special system was designed by Pro Performance consisting in a custom-made subwoofers system built in a 25m2 wall. At first, it was powered by a very well-known American brand of amplifiers, but they perceived that that impressive system needed a different amplification in order to obtain all that it could give. Different amps were tested and finally club people decided that, without doubts, better sound was obtained with RAM Audio W12044 amps.

As per words of the owner of Pro Performance, Mr. Wolfgang Sauter: “we, at Pro Performance, believe that W-Series give us the best bass response we’ve found till today on our (partly customized) bass systems around the club-world. We’ve already done more than ten clubs, with a major project in Switzerland where we are about to build an absolute world class reference sound system. The change of amplification to RAM W12044 was unison commented by the owner, staff & audience of the club as a major step ahead. This is what we intended to do.”

Last News

• Sep 2019 - Indian RAM Audio distributor mounts the biggest cinema a screen in the country, amplified with MDi amps.

• Aug 2019 - MDi amps Indian distributor exhibits at Big Cine Expo in Mumbai.
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