The F-Bar and Lounge is the opulent watering hole at Delhi’s Ashok hotel. Designed to appeal to the city’s fashionistas, this place oozes style. The overall feel is sleek and modern with a dash of glamour. The venue is huge (capacity to host up-to 800 guests), spread over a number of levels and including the exclusive members only Fashion Lounge and the super, super exclusive Diamond Lounge for those who consider themselves the elite. During the day is a bar where enjoy a good food that transforms into a nightclub after sunset.

Installed sound at the venue comprises OHM loudspeakers powered by RAM Audio S amps.
Six Vela line arrays reinforced by four TRS-218 subwoofers throw sound down the 60 feet long dance floor; the elevated lounge with its own bar counter has been installed by three CW-28 and two CS-18 subwoofers and rest of the venue is powered by OHM CT-10s and CT-26 loudspeakers along with AS-B Subwoofers.

Behind the scenes, powerful and light weight RAM audio amplifiers S-6044, S-3000 and S-4044 provide the much needed juice to the sound systems.

Company Harness Overseas has been in charge of the provision of this audio stuff.


Lord of the Drinks (LOTD) is one of the newest ventures from prolific restaurateur Priank Sukhija. The 1,580m2 Mumbai venue lays claim to having the longest bar in Asia. When it came to installing a sound solution, the biggest challenge came in managing the acoustics across the lengthy space while fulfilling Mr Sukhija’s wish for a space in which patrons could dance, yet also comfortably enjoy a conversation.

Qubix Technologies (formerly Audio Vision India) took on the challenge, evaluating the project brief and venue layout before selecting a CSC Audio loudspeaker system powered by RAM Audio amplifiers, supplied by their Indian distributor Harness Overseas.

All areas, including 40 meter-long bar, private Jungle Lounge and VIP Rocky S Cocktail Bar were installed with some tens of CSC CF15, CF10, CC8 and CR218, CR18, CB15 subs all this powered by more than 40 channels of RAM Audio amplifiers.

Judging by customer reviews, the ambience in LOTD is certainly hitting the right levels.

Indian RAM Audio distributor, Harness Overseas, lately has also supplied RAM Audio amps to others lounges, nightclubs and restaurants all around the country as My Bar, Kinbuck 2, London Bricks, Open Tap, Paara Nightclub, Purple restaurant, Peddlers, etc.

Last News

• Sep 2019 - Indian RAM Audio distributor mounts the biggest cinema a screen in the country, amplified with MDi amps.

• Aug 2019 - MDi amps Indian distributor exhibits at Big Cine Expo in Mumbai.
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