A new series of power amplifiers dedicated to fixed installations has been launched by RAM Audio.

A new generation of our lengthily field-proven QuantaPulseTM switching mode power supply makes up these new devices, which also include Power Factor Correction to improve efficiency.
In the audio section, a very high efficient class D design has been integrated in new MDi amps, obtaining an excellent quality of sound.

The complete series is formed by eight models, three of them with 2 audio channels and powers between 1400 and 6000W, three with 4 channels from 2400 and 12000W, and two models with 8 channels of 2700 and 6000W.

As these amps have been conceived as fixed installations dedicated, besides low impedance, they are 70/100V Line Direct Drive amps.

As all RAM Audio amps, they have a comprehensive protection set, as improved Intelligent Clip Limiter (ICL2TM), Power Management System (PMSTM) to control the power that the amp delivers under different circumstances, Faulty Channel Management (FCMTM), etc.

Construction of MDi amps is very modular for easy and fast after-sales service and they have a very compact design with a depth of just 35cm (13.8in) and 5.5Kg (12.1lb).

With this new series, RAM Audio is able to provide some amplifiers capable of offering the most optimal solution to the very exigent fixed-installations market.


MDi Series info

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