Until now, Zetta series comprised seven models of 2 and 4 channels, reaching biggest one, Z440, a power of 4000 W (at 4 or 2 Ohm). But in that last edition of German show, RAM Audio has launched a new very powerful model to complete the series for any need in power you could have; it is Z4100!

This amp has a high voltage output for high headroom sound and incorporates an advanced power management system to squeeze until the last watt for your speakers.
The new model delivers up to 10000 W in its 4 channels (at 4 or 2 Ohm), and is able to make an exceptional power sharing in asymmetrical loads.
As the rest of its small brothers within Zetta series, it incorporates a powerful and fast response cooling system.
All this packed in a 2 units of rack chassis, with a depth of 27 cm and just with 7 Kg!

And last but not least, powerful Z4100 amp has a fantastic price, very competitive, which does not leave anyone indifferent!



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